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Age 135 Hair Style Short 
Race Human Hair Color White
Height 1.8 meters (5'11") Eye Color Blue
Weight 68.5 kg (151 lb) Distinguishing Marks None..
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Robes, satchels, books, staff.

Profession Retired wizard, former Arch-Magus of Aridorn
Chief Location Rukemia (specifically the town of Bollus)
Affiliations None
Languages Rukemian, Southern, Grumman, Dwarven, Elvish, Baenite, Thullian and Traxxi
Skills Spellcraft, Spell Research, Alchemy, Ancient History, Religion

The Arch-Mage Demetrius

General Description

Demetrius is a former Arch Magus of the Empire and many say that he was one of the best that the Empire ever had. It was Demetrius that crafted the Imperial Scepter so many years ago… the very scepter that the Emperor now carries with him. Several other magical projects, mostly spells incorporated into the Palace and other official imperial buildings at Aridorn, can be attributed to this man.

After retiring from a life of service as the highest ranking magical authority in the East, Demetrius retired to the small coastal village of Bollus. He now spends his days running a small apothecary, tinkering with potions and pursuing his own private research in the magical arts. He can often be found wandering the beaches near Bollus, talking with his dog, Neval.

Demetrius is often invited to give a lecture at the Academy at Morcrest or to a state dinner in Aridorn. When he accepts he is usually gone for several days or weeks, but he always returns to Bollus.

Physical Appearance

Demetrius is an old man with a neatly trimmed white beard, snow white hair and bright blue eyes which betray intelligence and energy. He often wears home spun robes of light grey color and carries a leather satchel with him everywhere. He has a somewhat casual, unkempt appearance.


Demetrius has an informal easy-going manner and is well known along the central Rukemian coast. He has no patience for protocol and seems to be enjoying life away from the bustling court at Aridorn. Nevertheless, he is often visited by those who wish his counsel in magical matters, as well as promising young upstarts who seek his tutelage. In most of these situations, he is open and generous, though he politely refuses all requests for apprenticeship.

Notable Skills

Demetrius is an archmage and as such has mastered a wide spectrum of spells and enchantments. He is familiar with alchemy, astrology, brewing, healing, plant lore, animal lore and history. Demetrius speaks Rukemian, Southern, Grumman, Dwarven, Elvish, Baenite, Thullian and Traxxian.


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