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Davros Bendri



Davros Bendri is a Drakkellian Tax Marshall in the city of Drakkel. He is in charge of the central harbor tax office and has about twenty tax collectors and administrative clerks under his command. Marshall Bendri is a tall, thin man with a shaved head, pale skin and piercing black eyes. He wears the uniform of a tax marshall - a high collared black surcoat with gold trim. He never smiles. Indeed, he always seems to be annoyed by something and is quick to anger. He usually has his hands clasped behind his back, even when arguing or agitated.

Marshall Bendri is responsible for all taxes related to the harbor. All ship mooring fees, cargo taxes, trade tariffs, loading and docking fees and so forth all pass through his office. He runs a very efficient office and he is very proud of the work his people do. While most people consider the Drakkellian tax system unnecessarily complex and oppressive, Marshal Bendri seems to relish those very traits. He has a quick mind with a talent for math and business. However, he has no martial skills whatsoever and is a bit of a coward. He will call upon the city guard at the first hint of trouble.




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