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Age Unknown Hair Style Unknown 
Race Unknown Hair Color Unknown
Height 1.9 meters (6'3") Eye Color Unknown
Weight 100 kg (220 lb) Distinguishing Marks Unknown
Gender Male Clothing/Equipment Heavy cloak with deep hood.

Profession Coalition Wizard/Advisor to the Council of Seven
Chief Location Tyrrenkor and elsewhere in the Coalition.
Affiliations Council of Seven.
Languages Southern, Drakkellin, Ogrish, Orcish, Sauric and possibly others
Skills Spellcraft


Caeqor is a mysterious figure who holds a position of authority in the Coalition. He serves the Coalition and the Council of Seven as an advisor on all things magical and other worldly.

Caeqor dwells in a tall black tower in the city of Tyrrenkor.

Physical Appearance

Caeqor is hard to miss. He is dressed in a heavy cowl and black robes, dirty and tattered. He wears a featureless mask of black leather. Soft leather black gloves cover six fingered hands. Rumors abound about his unusual attire. Some say that he is horribly scared beneath the mask. Others believe he is a strange race from a distant land. At the very least, he is some sort of aberrant. 

He is quiet, never speaking. What is known to only a few (the leaders of the nation with whom he meets) that Caeqor communicates telepathically. A deep resonating voice in one's mind.


Little is known Caeqor and few hold council with him. He is an enigma that stalks the city parting crowds like a wake striking fear into those who meet his gaze, a shadow that glides through the night. 

Notable Skills

Caeqor is whispered to be a very powerful wizard, perhaps one of the greatest magi in all the realms. He has been witnessed to unleash potent spells. One story tells of how he caused a thief to burst into flames.


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