The World Of Khoras - Tales

The Ring Of Fire

Written by David Roomes

Long ago in ancient lands
This Ring was wrought by wizards' hand
With gold alone and precious stone
The flames bore this enchanted band

Far to the north in coastal wastes
A war of fire brought doom with haste
The Burning Cliffs conceal the rifts
The City Of Brass, the Ring's birthplace

The war dragged on the mortals lost
The Ring was forged but at what cost
Brave hearts did tire souls lost to fire
And so by fate was forged the cause.

The Ring passed on from man to son
As master there can be only one
A test was named the Ring was tamed
And waits for the deed to be done

The Ringless master must seal his fate
By slaying the fire before it's too late
To heal the Ring and magic bring
A battle with flame you must take


Copyright 1993 David Michael Roomes. All rights reserved.


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