The World Of Khoras - Tales

The Shrine of Lost Souls

Written by David Roomes

The following poem was crafted when a necromancer communed with his god and asked several questions about the Shrine of Lost Souls in Duthelm. The spirit world whispered back the following to him...

The Lord of Death has heard your prayer
Of glories such that you would dare
A sacrifice to save the lives
Of those held dreaming in the lair

Your courage crafts a daring deed
Achieved if you my warnings heed
Think not fools of those who rule
With stealth and might, you may succeed

Seek the grimoire Sargran's Nine
Whose spell filled pages rule the Shrine
With gifted stone evoke a tone
And mage wrought runic glyphs align

Cast out your learned mystic might
Embrace the flow and bathe in light
With spell in mind to chains unbind
Friend and foe will join the fight

Beware the mist that wisdom maims
Beware the one and ten ordained
Should mortals fall within this hall
The prison without walls will claim


Copyright 1993 David Michael Roomes. All rights reserved.


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