The World Of Khoras - Tales

The Prophecy of Ugida's Voyage
(From the "Jaidor Talisman" AD&D Campaign)

Written by David Roomes

Ambassador of faith you be
The One has seen and you have pleased
For smiting hell with twice cast spell
For setting lost and bound souls free

Beware the waterborne who reap
Beware the monsters that they keep
Trust in the Deathless One at sea
To heed the signs and ride the deep

Stay the course of Oxalai
Shield your soul from lure or fray
Foes will strike at heart and mind
Let wisdom be your guide each day

Your path takes you to troubled lands
Where war rages from peak to sand
Where false gods walk and statues stalk
Where blood unspilled condemns the hand

Read the wisdom of the past
Of great deeds done and souls outcast
Of ancient towns and cults cast down
In lands that lay before the Vast

Seek the fool both short and tall
Who fears Death's Door but mocks the wall
Then one of three, Ring, Rod or Teeth
Is found with the lore of Vaul

Wonders deep once were laid
Ancient struggles, trust betrayed
Ill wrought magic, fate spun tragic
Sealed away til memories fade


Copyright 2000 David Michael Roomes. All rights reserved.


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