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The Robber's Life

This is a popular tavern song, especially among thieves and pirates, which can be heard in taverns from Normidia to Rukemia. The melody and exact wording often vary from country to country, but below is the most common form. It is believed that this very old song originated in Vorrik.

Now gather round young men and hear well my tale
For long have I walked the path you seek to tread
And I am the wiser for missteps I’ve taken
Hear well now my words or risk ending up dead.

When I was a young man with nary a penny
I marveled and gaped at the wealth of the few
To nobles and knights did the world belong
I demanded no less from life. That was my due!

Now I should have heeded the words of my father
Who spoke of contentment with my lot in life
But blinded by visions of gold and of glory
I traveled down paths of misfortune and strife 

For years I chased riches, my crimes knew no quenching
Too long did I pillage and render ill deeds
Grave danger and death were my constant companions
Though glitter gold may, man has far greater needs 

So weigh down your purse with good friends and fair tidings
Instead of the booty of a robber’s life
For wealth is so fleeting and folly is thieving
If you live in the shadows you die by the knife 

You think you’ll fare better, you say you are willing
To risk every day on a roll of the dice
Beware the high toll that such plunder may cost you
Your honor’s the least thing that you’ll sacrifice 

Now my days of folly are done and behind me
Content I am now to sit here with my ale
While work in the crops or the guilds may seem frightful
Tis better by far than the grave or the jail.



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