The World Of Khoras - Tales

The Naked Flame

Have you ever embraced the naked flame
and danced in the ring of fire
as the cinders fly away to the night
caressed by the roar of the pyre?

Or have you bathed in the light of the moon
Wearing nothing more than a smile
where you’re kissed by a warm and feathery breeze
as ethics you slowly defile

Have you ever gazed with perfect peace
Into the infinite night
And wonder what lies beyond the stars
Behind their flickering light

The stars are the eyes of the spirits past
And they watch our earthly delights
For the night is the realm of the coven
Where the dreams of longing take flight

It is only here beneath the stars
where the world meets the sky
that the Universe unveils itself
unable us to defy

I have embraced the naked flame
and gazed into the night
and bathed in a river of moonlight
a moment of pure delight

I have danced with shadows and touched the stars
And traveled space and time
I’ve been to the very edge of my madness
Beneath those quivering pines

I’ve been beyond the boundaries
That others set themselves
And burrowed deep into my soul
Where others fear to delve

For only there, when by yourself
And far beyond the chains
Can you touch that perfect soul within
Where careless passion reigns

Look well upon the dancing elves
And goblins in the night
As they dance about their fires
And drown their sorrows to delight

For they know well your burden’s sin
The toil beneath your load
The place you’ve been where demons scream,
The pains that you have sowed

So join us now here in the woods
And let go of your fear
Let go the stiff and rigid laws
That bind you through the year

Mayhaps betwixt the stars and trees
You’ll meet yourself again
And find within you what it takes
To embrace the naked flame


Copyright 1993 David Michael Roomes. All rights reserved.



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