A young thief on the run meets a blind stranger in the woods. The stranger, a fellow thief from a rival guild, appears to be alone, deep in the heart of the forest. The two are miles from the city that makes them enemies. When his elder rival makes a spur-of-the-moment business proposal, the young man must then decide: Is this offer a fine opportunity, or a fatal trap waiting to be sprung?

This suspense-filled short film, set in the World of Khoras, was shot over five rain-drenched days in the wilds outside Monroe, Washington in August 2001. The film has screened to acclaim at several venues in the Pacific Northwest, as well as at Gen Con 2003, the world's most popular fantasy/gaming convention.

Directed by Khoras Creative Director Mark Price, Professional Courtesy is currently touring the festival circuit.

The DVD includes the short film Professional Courtesy, as well as Of Daggers and Deadlines: The Making of Professional Courtesy.

To check out director Mark Price's film production company, go to www.thirdwindfilms.com.

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