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Khoras, like many other websites back in the early days of the web, had a guest book. Times change though. Guest books have fallen out of favor and guest book services are less common now. In recent years, entries have been very few and far between. Some entries were lost when one or another free guest book services would suddenly shut down without warning. Therefore, I'm closing the Khoras guest book. This page will remain. It will serve to store some of my favorite guest book entries from the early years of Khoras. Scroll down for the complete list. I hope you enjoy perusing it.

If you'd like to add a comment to the list below, simply email me your entry and I'll add it.



Congratulations with your site. I have often tried to create my own universe in which a fantasy novel would take place. Reading all the articles on your site fills me with both awe and envy. Everything you've written is just so well worked out, all the information is so complete. A true masterpiece, that's what I say. Once more, congratulations!
June 4, 2011

Hey, stumbled upon this site earlier today, and have just now truly a grasp of how immense a world you've created. As a fellow world-maker (Albiet, less talented/practiced. XD), I want to wish you the best of luck continuing the project. It really is an inspiration to see such a brilliant inspiration. :)
May the suns shine bright upon Khoras, evermore.
June 16, 2009

I am pleased. The world is the world and it is good. Death could not hold me nore time dim my resolve. I awaken and seek again the comfort of battle.
October 2, 2007

I think you have done a tremendous job developing the World of Khoras. I intend to use it exclusively for my campaigns. I have copied, pasted, and printed every page on your site (not a quick task by any means). I have gone through four black ink cartridges, three color cartridges, and a case of paper. Your world filled four 4" D-ring binders. Not that any of this is relevant, I just thought you might want to know. Like any good DM, I am a creative mind but when I come across something as thorough and well put together as Khoras, I steal it and change names here and there (hope you don't mind, this is for game purposes only). Anyway, awesome job on the website. Look forward to any additions that you might make. Regards
Tim Morgan
March 8, 2007

Thank you very much for the setting David, i've been a DM on Dathkandra for about a year now and i've found it to be the absolute best setting i've been privvy to. Now that i'm done giving thanks i'll go back to making stats for the khoras creatures =)
May 1, 2006

Fantastic site David. I'm proud of you. I read your some of your short stories, and poems as well. I'm glad your my bro, but can't fathom how it happened as we are so different. You truly got the creativity in the family. Keep it up!
Brian Roomes
November 30, 2005

Great and fascinating sight. keep up the good work. This has got to be the most thorough and more importantly interesting campaign sites I've ever seen. I have spent days just reading it. I am now working on adapting the races into D&D 3E rules for a few adventures.
Andrew Keane
November 8, 2005

This has to be the best site on role playing. You guys did an awesome job creating your own maps, characters, history, etc... I mean WOW it is almost hard to believe. Keep up the good work guys.
James E. Hutchison
July 5, 2005

It's been years since I signed your Guestbook so I thought... why not? :)  Just wanted to tell you I'm still head over heels in love with Khoras, Mr Roomes. That NaNoWriMo story last year didn't went through because of "personal problems", but those seem to have cleared up (for good this time) and I've been planning for quite some time now to build a miserable novel around your fantastic world. 
Please keep updating. :)  All the best for you and your loved ones and keep the creamy Khoras goodness coming. Your Most Avid Fan,
May 17, 2005

I found this site by plugging in the definition of plutocracy, hoping to find the name. I ended up on your government types page, and after poking around the website for a bit, I became pretty impressed. I especially enjoyed reading the page on the Xorians. Gotta love sentient constructs.
March 24, 2005

Great site! I surfed in looking for fantasy jungle fauna, and ended up bookmarking the whole site.
February 24, 2005

This is without a doubt the most thorough, most well done world I have seen... EVARH. Whoever created this beautiful piece of work, you're insane- but in a good way. XD Keep up the amazing work!
August 18, 2004

First let me say, David, I am sorry for your loss. Then let me say that this is a truely stunning site! I found it quite accidentaly from a Dm advertising a pbem on and starting looking over the place. VERY well done, a wonderfully done world and an astonishing amount of work. Thank you.
March 4, 2004

Wow. I've never heard of Khoras before I stumbled to it by pure coincidence. This is really great. I'm lost for words. I'm a huge Dragonlance fan and I'm thinking of writing my adventures based on this world. Really I'm stunned. This is so nicely worked out it will sure give me enough material to keep building adventures for about 10 years :). Just keep it coming!
January 13, 2004

Absolutely incredible creation. I'm not easily impressed by such things, but the level of detail here blew me away. Loved the sun altering the level of magic idea, the solar radiation causing mutations. Great great stuff.
November 12, 2003

Excellent site! The level of detail here is simply astounding.
Mike Johnson
March 14, 2003

I usually don't do roleplaying games, but I searched for deserts on the net to be able to draw my own coloured version of my own invented planet and ran over your site!
I am just amazed at what time and effort you put into this planet! I mean, I am working on my own for at least nine years now (school, study and other hobbies like drawing had to be done, too), and, believe me, I know the time you have to put into such a great thing!
I want to congratulate you for this great planet. And on the other hand I saw what else I can do for my own planet - and my father declared me as a crazy girl when I started doing the climates and charted the ocean currents on my planet! *grin*
I HAVE to show him this site!
Keep up this thing! It is simply amazing!
Julie! ^_^
February 11, 2003

I was browsing The Worlds of Khoras for several months now.I discovered it on a search engine ( From the first moment when i saw this site i was amazed.It was so good planed, wrote... everything was perfect.

At the time when i found out this site i was planning to make an browser based game, strategy multyplayer.Even if Khoras is a RPG campaign it helped me in some ways to improve the idea of my game and i want to thank to David for that.

What i would like to see in this magnific world would be an Forum Board and more updates on the campaign.

Please everyone excuse my spelling,but I was very tired when i wrote this.
January 31, 2003

This is the best RPG site on the net. I've been following this place for some years now, and I can still be stunned by this world. cool world and nice system..  I LOVE KHORAS !!!
December 22, 2002

Stunning creation. I am an instant fan.
Frank West
November 23, 2003

Great! Just great! One of the best, most comprehensive campaign worlds I've ever seen!
Captain Penguin
September 18, 2002

Truely wonderful site. Much information, very well worked out! I'll be here often now. (Going to run your campaign probably!) Thanks for the good times that are coming!
May 30, 2002

I love this setting, because anyone can copy Tolkien and I'm not impressed that website designers are able to read. To create a world that is qualitively different and stands on its own means that vast and precise thought went into it, and that means there's still some hope left for the human race.
May 17, 2002

Amazing. I am very much impressed with this site, and the world you created. It's totally incredible. I don't know what else to say but, keep up the good work!
Ryan Horn
April 26, 2002

This site is absolutely fantastic. The breadth and depth of information is staggering and it gives someone developing their own on-line world something to look up to.
David F. Porteous
March 30, 2002

When I first read you introduction as being the largest campaign setting on the internet, I thought you were just tooting your horn but then I surfed in and was amazed. My hats off to you. You have an extremely well developed world that has been well thought out and works very well. Keep up the good work.
March 22, 2002

This is the most astonishing site ! Never have I seen the likes of it before.
January 20, 2002

I love this site, there is more and more stuff I discover every day. It has kept my attention for many months (and thats saying alot, my attention span is very short, especially on the internet). Keep up the good work guys.
December 28, 2001

This is, as always, a very good site. The amount of detail is so vast that nothing else I have seen (on the net or elsewhere) is even close to competing with it. I have just received a set of the maps by mail (and I live in Denmark). They are very good and great quality. Even now that the price has kicked in they are still very much worth it. This site is very good. And with the two new continents it will be incredible. It is even interesting for people who don't play role-playing games. Keep up the very good work.
Kristian Juul Rasmussen
October 26, 2001

The world, nations, cities and people are all well thought out and have just enough detail to bring them alive but simple enough to adapt to most anyone’s own campaign setting. The thing that really makes this site though is the organization. This online campaign setting is by far the easiest to navigate out of all the others I have found on the web. The maps are awesome and I can’t wait for the city maps. One more nice thing about this site is it is actually updated regularly.
James Schauer
October 14, 2001

Your world is truly humbling in its intricacy.
Ben Parker
August 14, 2001

This is beyond doubt the best put- together world I have seen on the net. If I ever game on an online gaming system like, Webrpg, again I will use it. Since I don't have the time to detail something like this it is great that you did. BE PROUD! Tell TSR, someone, you're DAMN GOOD!
David Loftin
March 23, 2001

Absolutely amazing. I've put a little bit of my world on the web, but your magnificent work dwarfs all my efforts - and perhaps inspires me to work harder on my world. Thanks and keep up the good work!
February 8, 2001

This is utterly amazing! It would seem that one would need to have a huge amount of people to finish such a work of art. I have never seen a better setting, in my entire life. Thanks for making such a rich, inspiring, and believable world.
December 21, 2000

One of the best fantasy worlds on the net! Congratulations!
December 19, 2000

Huge detail! If my site gets even half this good I'll be happy. Oh, and David, it was your piece on creating a fantasy world and putting it on the web which prompted me to start my Krell project. See ya.
Brian Jackson
December 13, 2000

This is one of the very best web sites (period!) that I have ever seen. I find it staggering that so much work and so many details are contained here with so much well done cross referencing. I will be playing this world at first chance in my new D&D3 game. Congratulations on doing an excellent job. Any plans on doing an Alternity/Sci-Fi setting this well? The photograph clips are THE MOST STUNNING! I have always wanted to really SEE a fantasy world and your usage of those shots was absolutely wonderful. More of them if at all possible. Thank you again, Looking forward to give it a test drive.
Frank Blankenship
October 16, 2000

This is a very, very, very good campaign setting. I mean I'm dropping MY setting for it. Whoever made this masterpiece, please email me! Literally, it's the best on the net and it's better than TSR's crap!
Jimmy Duvall
August 30, 2000

This is a wonderful site, I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time put into it. If I could think of anything to add it would be a "where to start building your own world" section since you seem to be an expert at it!
Michael Paul
August 19, 2000

Wow...what a find! I'm forever looking for great resources and information for campaign settings. Suffice it to say I have bookmarked the site and even downloaded the site for use in future campaigns. Thanks for all your hard work! This site is great!
Clayton Pelton
July 23, 2000

Khoras is the best campaign setting I've ever seen, that includes Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, and Birthright!! I'm currently organizing a small campaign set in the area of Mercia and the Coalition. If it turns out nicely I'll let you know.
Adam Lovatt
July 12, 2000

Excellent site. The best and most detailed world I have ever seen. Thank you for creating it.
Andrew Marks
May 9, 2000

Two words... "Holy Crap". I was absolutely astounded by the amount of work and extensive detail that has gone into this site. I fell in love with Khoras immediately and I'm going to start using it as my campaign world, hopefully for a long time to come. My librarian would have a massive brain anneurism if she found out that I've printed out EVERY SINGLE PAGE of your site-- enough to pack full two 3" binders-- to use in my AD&D sessions. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, you know, and of respect. And respect is definitely something I have a lot of for Mr. Roomes, who is undoubtedly the most skilled and most amazing campaign setting creator in the WORLD. I am eagerly awaiting the release of your first Campaign- the Avissar's stone!
Ben Pottle
March, 22, 2000

All I can say is.... "My God"... I am totally amazed at the quality and time put into this work, ESPECIALLY for someone who isnt getting paid to do it. This is one of the most comprehensive non-commercial games I have ever seen. I totally fell in love with this site. I have made my own games/campaign settings, but none of them have ever been as all-consuming as this (though thats mostly because of my lack of attention span.. heh). Its nice to know there are still people out there that actually want to do things for other people for FREE. Again, amazing..
February 21, 2000

I was looking for some worlds created for AD&D, and I had seen a lot, when I came here... I stopped looking for other worlds. I never thought such a website could exist... It's the most detailed and complete I've seen...
I am admirative for the time spend in making this. You can be proud of it. It's unique, and can't be compared to the others...
Good luck, and courrage, for continuing this great Work...
Nyckeau - French GM
February 10, 2000

Khoras is, without a doubt, the finest product of its kind on the 'net. The time and effort put into detailing this lavish fantasy world are readily apparent, and the fact that it's free boggles the mind. A prudent game company would snap Mr. Roomes up, if only to deprive the competition of his resources.
Justin Bush
January 29, 2000

I enjoyed the site and plan on using Khoras in my next campaign. I have not gamed in almost two years because my friends and I got tired of the same worlds. Now everyone wants to game and chose me to be the DM and I choose Khoras as the world I'm going to send them to.
King ZoOT
August 8, 1999

This is without doubt the best RPG World on the net I have encountered! Whilst I haven't fully explored this site, the depth and quality of your work appears to far exceed most commercial RPG products. Gaming with you in Khoras must be quite an experience. Well Done!
Nigel Ward
June 28, 1999

Just wanted to congratulate you on the single most extensive and high quality personal campaign site I've encountered on the net. The vast amount of information, in addition to the original artwork and handy page design make this one a frequently visited site for me. It's an invaluable resource to game masters creating new worlds, or those expanding their current worlds. Thanks for all the hard work, it IS appreciated! On that note, please don't stop working on the site, there's so much left we want to see...!
Aaron Garvey
June 17, 1999

Wow! I am extremely impressed by the page. I was searching for D&D web sites and this is one of the best, if not the best I've seen. The absolute amount of work that must have gone in to this is astounding. I am an AD&D player searching for inspiration in DMing. I just found it.
Robert Wallace
December 22, 1998

This is without a doubt a most ingenious webpage for gamemasters and players, novices and experts alike. Fabulous detail, intricate design -- all the facets of this world and webpage merit the highest of praise. The artwork of Mark Price is clever, inventive, sharp, and the two make an excellent team. Congratulations on such a success!
Elizabeth Dupke
September 27, 1998

And my all-time personal favorite guest book entry is the following:


I never come here without leaving impressed with both the milieu you've created and the web-site that hosts it.

I've been a "world builder" for a very long time, about 23 years, practically raised on the rich Beowulfian depth of Tolkien's Middle Earth and linguistic complexity of M.A.R. Barker's Tekumel. Before that Olympus, Camelot and Tir Na Nog were my imaginary playgrounds; thus, I appreciate all the effort you’ve put into your site and mythos, particularly in the areas of cartography and anthropology. The photos are a delight as well;-).

As a High School Teacher, armchair historian and fledgling web-master, I'm exposed to a serious amount of literature and media. I must say I find your creation to be more believable and fully realized than many I've come across in my reading and web-wandering. I’m sure, however, I tell you nothing you don’t already know.

Suffice to say then, I wanted to offer you a, "Well Done!" concerning Khoras. If you lived closer, I’d like nothing more than to swap tales of past glories and world shaping ideas over a pint or two; my treat. In lieu of that, I’ll raise my glass in a toast from one world builder to another in appreciation for inspiring me to continue my own endeavors rather than letting them languish.

Andre' Powell
September 9, 2001



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