Fan Work

This is the gallery for fan-created art and fiction. Everything here was created by Khoras fans. Anyone is welcome to submit fan art or fan fiction and I'll happily post it here. All submissions are welcome as long as they are (at least somewhat) related to Khoras.

Fan Fiction

Jonathan Errlain by David Oeters
In politically contested War Vale, a young heir apparent learns the treacherous nature of his new standing.

Gregor's Tale by David Oeters
A small town in Kalimura with a dark secret.

Jarel's Lament
A short adventure in Seven Kegs!
by Steve Journey.

Elvish Songs
A short collection of elevish song and poetry with translations.
by Carlos Perez

The Biography of Malix Carthwright - Prologue
The Biography of Malix Carthwright - Chapter 1
The Biography of Malix Carthwright - Chapter 2

The life and adventures of Malix Carthwright.
by Patrick Madden and Matt Benzio

Fan Art

Fan Art of Kristian

Fan Art of Vlad

Khoras Maps by Ludovic

Other Fan Art


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