The Avisarr Campaign was my first full, long term role-playing campaign which I originally ran WAY back in college. This campaign contained many of the original core ideas which helped spawned Khoras. It helped provide the focus for the world to take shape. It was first written and played at Miami University in Ohio. It's original players, then college students, have gone on to take jobs for Wizards of the Coast, InQuest magazine and beyond. 

From a player's point of view, Avisarr encompasses a full set of completely detailed and interlinked adventures built around a central plot and played out against a common background. For your purposes as a game master, Avisarr serves as the perfect way to fully immerse a group of role-players in the continent of Ithria.

In Avisarr, the characters are required to travel the lands far and wide in search of six skulls – the remains of six long-dead wizards, in hopes of sealing a magical gate and preventing the return of a demon lord to the mortal realm. The general plot outline, including all background information, is provided in the Campaign Overview. Starting with the Prelude, the campaign consists of six separate quests to find the skulls, spread out across the continent and including many of the details found on this website. Game Masters take note: There are no rules, only guidelines. The campaign is large and versatile enough to incorporate any fun detail from the world that you would like to include.

Campaign Overview

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The Anchor Glyphs


Skull Quest 1

Skull Quest 2

Skull Quest 3

Skull Quest 4

Skull Quest 5

Skull Quest 6


Notes From Past Avisarr Campaigns

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