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David Roomes

David Roomes is the writer and creator of the World of Khoras. He is responsible for about 99% of all content on the web site. In addition, David built and maintains the web page, created the maps and creates original computer generated art for Khoras.


Mark Price
  Kristian Juul Rasmussen   Eduardo Beerli
Mark Price is David's best friend and has been involved in the development of Khoras for many years. He has also provided a number of pieces of original art for Khoras.  

Kristian lives in Denmark and studied graphic design at the Danish Institute of Graphic Arts. Kristian has been drawing and role-playing for years, He illustrated all of the Greater and Lesser races of Khoras and a number of the animals in the Khoras fauna section.

Thank you Kristian!

  Eduardo lives in Brazil and was born in 1971. He studied Animal Science at university and did post-graduate work in Aquaculture. All his life he has studied animals and loves to draw fantasy art. Monsters are are his favorite. His hobbies include drawing, computer games, movies, working out and aquarium fishes.



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