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This is a copy of a review of Khoras written by Jason Lotito for the Ultimate 50 RPG Site. The original web page containing the Ultimate 50 is no longer available, but the original, unedited review is listed below. I'd like to thank Jason Lotito for such a great review.



Dusk is a well known role playing site on the internet, and it's claim to fame is that its the oldest. Karanblade is another well thought out site with a claim to fame that TSR actually links to it. However, in my mind, when I think of a quality role playing world on the internet, there is only one site that can take the cake. I remember stumbling across this site in my travels. I forget exactly how I found it, but I remember when I did, I was stunned. The amount of information here was immense. As we all know, the internet is a wonderful place, but when it comes to actual content, a lot of times the content that it present is little more than "Welcome to my site!" The World of Khoras ( is different.


In a land of high end graphics, Khoras has what it takes, but it doesn't let content suffer. Lets start out with the amount of information available at your fingertips. You can learn about the stars of the Khoras world, the world, continents, minerals, wetlands, rivers, disease and viruses. So much is here for you, the information is endless, and you can seriously get lost in a web site like this. I spend hours pouring over the details. But I think one of the best parts about the entire experience is that everything is crosslinked in the content, but more on that in the navigation section. Unfortunately, the creator removed the download section, primarily because the amount of information reached well over 20MBs! He does have suggestions on how to get the site offline, so that you can use it for games and what not. I cannot say enough about this site, except for this: If you are looking for a campaign to play in, and you don't want to make your own, Khoras is probably the site you have been looking for. Hands down.


I will be honest. I am always wary about sites that use frames. Framed sites can be a problem, and can sometime be more heartache then help. And while Khoras has so much wonderful information, it does use frames. So, to be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. Never worry, never fear, the frames work is done correctly here. David Roomes, the creator of the web site and of Khoras,, did a fine job of putting together a frames site. It doesn't detract from the information, it only adds to it. First off, the colors that were chosen were very nice. The site uses a stone border with the main content page using an almost parchment background. The graphics are uniform throughout the site, with titles and navigational element remaining consistent and true. The buttons are easy to read and clear. They make no doubt in where you are going in the site. Even the placement of the buttons was taken into consideration. On the top, general buttons are contained, such as email, the FAQ, and an intro and overview. Along the left side, David has placed all the subdirectory buttons, as well as all the buttons that concern the world. Another feature which I like is that the left side navigation window will actually change to suit what it is your looking for, keeping the layout consistent and clean in the content section.


As you probably could tell, I really liked what was done with the navigation, and this is another shining point in the site. Jumping from one section to another section is very easy, and is done in such a manner that I find information gathering fun. Like I mentioned above, the site has two navigational sections, with a third optional one. The first one is the top frame, which is static. It hold the basic links, FAQ, EMAIL, etc. The left sided frame hold the role playing, or what I like to call, the content links. These links are not static, and the page will change according to what you select. If you click on the civilization link, it will open up to give you more choices, like, languages, people of note, arcana, and currency. Finally, the third optional navigational element are internal links. Inside the actual content of the page, if David is talking about diseases, or the Age of Dawning, he will actually create a link to that section, just in case the person wants to back up and read information on that. The navigation makes it very easy to get what you want. You are not searching around for what you want, making this site a joy to navigate.


So, to be honest, this site does not have daily updates. Nor does it have weekly update. When I reviewed this site, February 16, the last update had been February 9. No, their is no schedule to the updates, it looks like he just updates whenever he has something new to add. And this is perfectly fine for a site like his. The update are frequent enough that the page is fresh. Besides, if you have already read everything on these pages and need updates, then you also need to get out once in a while. Value [Insert previous statements here] Okay, so if you couldn't tell, I really like this sites. The value of this site? Well, lets just say, I feel better knowing someone out there still cares about quality gaming sites. As far as this reviewer is concerned, is a wonderful place and should be in the RPG Hall of Fame.

Rating: * * * * * *

Reviewed By: Jason Lotito Ultimate Feedback

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