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Other Names The Saridic Doctrines
Area Of Control Logic, Order, Science, Mystery, Puzzles, Problems
Ethos The Universe is a machine.
Pantheon Saridian
Worshipers Saridian.
Appearance N/a
Symbol None


Aerism is the fundamental doctrine of Saridian belief. It is their philosophy that shapes their culture. Aerism is the belief that the Universe itself is a machine. All things in life are parts of that machine. Every plant and animal, every person, place and thing, every moment, event and coincidence are parts of this machine... to be analyzed and understood. Aerism is the belief that all things are connected in the Great Machine and that observation, study and experimentation are the keys to unraveling the mysteries of the Universe. Mathematics are an important part of aerism. Mathematics is the language of science and the path to true understanding.


Aerism focuses on daily interaction with the real world. It is not enough to study crumbling parchments and dusty tomes... one must see and taste and touch the world to understand it. Deciphering the mysteries of the Universe is why we are here. What greater purpose is there to a life? To understand the world, one must observe it, study it, imitate it through creation. Through creation, one achieves understanding.

Most saridians practice aerism, although many also worship other gods and may change religious beliefs frequently. Saridians who practice aerism (also known as aerists), constantly tinker with their experiments. They believe in constant improvement through analysis, experimentation and refinement of procedure

Saridians are a curious race, generally speaking. For those who practice aerism, this is particularly true. Aerism teaches that only through interaction can one develop. So, an aerist will typically push buttons, pull levers, drink potions, etc. with no thought for the consequence.

Written records are important in aerism. A thing is better remembered if it is written down. Those who come tomorrow can only build upon the discoveries of today if those discoveries are written down. Therefore, aerists tend to be obsessive note takers and meticulously organized.


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