The World Of Khoras - The Cultured Races

What follows are descriptions of creatures that have come to be called the "lesser races". Some of these are true races and interbreed generation after generation with little variation. Others, such as the etherbanes, are little more than aberrants that have the same common mutations. The category of "Lesser Race" includes a miscellany of half breeds, cross breeds and genetic flukes.


Aberrants An aberrant is any creature born with various physical and genetic anomalies that make the creature unique. Aberrants vary in the degree of their mutations and many are so different that they are not considered members of their own race. For more information on aberrants, see aberration.
Ankari A peaceful race of gentle wizards who inhabit a hidden realm and visit the world infrequently. Known for physical beauty, mental serenity and great prowess at combat.
Boglings A race of swamp dwelling amphibious humanoids.
Etherbane The etherbane are a class of aberrants born with an extra internal organ which generates a powerful energy field that distorts magic. Any magic near to the creature warps, spells fail and magic items perform unpredictably.
Faerie An elven female born with certain physical differences and greater magical ability. Very rare.
Giant A rare class of aberrants born to any race where in the individual is much larger than others of its race.  Giants are rare and usually live alone or in small groups in the wilds far from civilization.
Goblins Small, ugly, grey skinned humanoids who are quick and skilled with weapons. They are usually cruel and intelligent. They dabble in alchemy, use poisons and can cast spells.
Guldra A mysterious desert dwelling reptilian humanoid race.
Hurkyte A primitive species of huge semi-reptilian humanoids.
Hyttar A short, green skinned humanoid race akin to goblins.
Karthasians A bizarre intelligent insectoid race with four distinct castes: Worker, Warrior, Thinker and Queen. They inhabit the jungle peninsula of Karth.
Mandalar A strong, fur covered warrior species crowned with two great horns. Common to Qeshir.
Merfolk The merfolk are a good natured race of aquatic semi-humanoids. A merman appears as a blue skinned, scaled humanoid. They have nictitating membranes over the eyes, gills, webbing between fingers and toes and fins along arms and legs. 
Morphians The legendary morphians were an artificially engineered race formed by powerful magic. Morphians are magical shape shifters, able to change their fluid like bodies into any object if roughly equal mass. They were designed to be the ultimate assassins and spies by the Irenni League for use during the Great War. Hundreds of assassinations were attributed to these creatures. After the Great War, those who had created them attempted to terminate them, lest they turn on their masters. Many escaped. Fear and prejudice of these creatures sent most into hiding.It is not known how many still live, but the few who did live do so in seclusion.
Orcs Orcs are a powerful warrior race, being a cousin to both goblins and ogres. As a race, they are foul smelling, ill tempered and cruel. They kill for pleasure and enjoy battle above all else. Orcs care nothing for honor or justice, laws or consequences. They can often be found working and fighting along side ogres, saurians, skrell, goblins and evil humans. Orcs have no nation to themselves but can be found in great numbers in the Coalition and Duthelm. Many orcs wander the lands, hiring on to whatever mercenary company will have them.
Phanglir A brutish, but intelligent warrior race descended from the humanoids of northeast Aggradar. One of only two races indigenous to the desolation.
Pugnar An aggressive canine humanoid race of bandits, warriors and thieves that live in desolate areas and raid civilized regions for wealth and slaves.
Sarthak Sarthak are a hideous race of underground dwelling, intelligent, vaguely humanoid creatures. Sarthak are a race of skilled sorcerers and powerful telepaths able to force other creatures to fight for them. Sarthak have also been known to become invisible, insubstantial, and levitate themselves in battle. The dreaded Sarthak are ferocious masters of the underground dwelling in huge underground cities where they delight in the torture and slavery of lesser beings.
Sayune The Sayune (say-YOO-nee) are a nomadic folk, related to the grum, who wander the civilized lands in huge caravans of wagons. The Sayune Clan was banished from the Falkir Clans in 2320. The exact reasons are shrouded in myth and fable, much of which conflicts. Today, the Sayune are a persecuted people, unwelcome in most lands. This treatment has embittered the Sayune over the generations and they  have degenerated into a poverty-stricken culture of panhandling and thievery. Many realms consider them nothing but beggars and charlatans, the children of evildoers who deserve their fate.
Scrub Rats Scrub rats appear as short (3' tall) proto-humanoids with thin limbs, pot-bellies, leathery brown skin and monkey-like faces. They have a crude language for communicating simple ideas - food, water, enemy, danger. Scrub rats are extremely primitive, dirty, smelly creatures of low intelligence. They are primarily concentrated in the southern half of the Sentinel Mountains, but can be found throughout the mountain range and in the Baen Desert.
Sea Gypsies A race of seafaring vagabonds that live their lives out on ships, moving from island to island. Considered little more than thieves and beggars, sea gypsies travel in familial communities on small heavily laden ships that wander the Sea of Chaos and the Sapphire Main.
Setharin A setharin appears as an avarian, but with the following differences : the creature is thin, almost gaunt. It lacks feathers and has much bare flesh which is dark grey. It’s huge wings are leathery and bear horny bone protrusions. These ugly creatures are rare and almost always outcast from avarians society. Setharins are often highly intelligent, moody and introverted.
Skrell The skrell are a race of rat-like humanoids that plague of the underground. They have long snouts, furry hides and long tails. The skrell band together in tribes which boast fearful names and symbols and members take great pride in their tribes. Inter-tribal warfare is common.
Thallasians An evil, aquatic race of crustaceans that dwell in huge cities on the ocean floor. They are the sworn enemy of the merfolk and frequently attack ships.
Trog Primitive, bestial cave dwelling creatures distantly related to goblins.
Trolls Trolls are large, ugly humanoid creatures with rough grey skin. Though very strong, they are exceptionally dim-witted creatures.
Urtas A tall, gangly race of ugly humanoids persecuted for their appearance.
Vothen A massive, furred, cloven hoofed humanoid race that often cooperates with other evil humanoid races.
Xorians The battle hardened xorians are a race of magically engineered warriors. They came into this world through a rift, a whole in the fabric of reality. Whether this is a spatial rift that leads to another world or a dimensional rift that leads to a whole other Universe is a subject of much debate. The lord, god and creator of this race is a mysterious being known as Xor. He could be a mortal mage, a form of spirit or a god. It is known that he is the engineer and architect of this race and that each xorian is created with dark magic rather than evolution and birth. Almost all xorians, of which there are about currently 7,000, live in the nation of Riftvale.


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