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Ether bane

Ether banes are ugly humanoid creatures with bloated pale flesh and large, pupil less white eyes. They often will have hideous mutations and deformities. Limbs will be disproportionate and often will not match. For instance, an ether bane may have one humanoid foot and one hoof. One arm may be longer than the other and a third eye may be present. In addition, tusks, horns, fins, fur, tails and wings are possible mutations.

Ether banes feed on essence in all of its forms - life energy, spells even the sunlight from Drellis. Many scholars believe that this method of feeding is what causes ether banes to become so deformed. In any case, this ability makes them a fearsome adversary. Ether banes will draw forth the energy from enchanted items near them. Magic is almost worthless against them. Spells will fizzle as their energy is absorbed into the body of the ether banes. Creatures who approach an ether bane will feel their strength drain away. Wizards will suffer head aches and feel their spells drained away. For these reasons, ether banes are avoided when possible. Fortunately, these beasts are rare. 

Ether banes are solitary creatures and usually found alone. An ether bane will typically dwell in the hollow of an immense oak tree deep in the forest. They have been known to attack lone travelers or small caravans. In combat, they bludgeon with their immense fists. They may also use horns, tusks or any other bodily weapons that their mutations have given them. 

Ether banes love essence storms and always seem to know where and when one is going to occur. It is not uncommon to several Ether banes out during an essence storm.



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