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Shard Wastelands

The Shard Wastelands

This huge desolate plain consists of a coarse gravel over a jagged rock surface. Only sparse vegetation colors the region. Through the whole area, slender shards of kellanite stone erupt from the ground. These jagged and angular shards stand between 1-2 meters tall, although some larger specimens grow to to be 4 meters tall (13 feet). The bluish grey stone shards are razor sharp and quite brittle. No geological explanation has been confirmed, although one myth states that a tremendous battle between two mages occurred there during the Great War. Fierce winds and loose rocks will often shatter these crystalline shards and fling them about creating lethal "shard storms". Any creature caught out in the open during a shard storm is usually cut to pieces. Wind driven shards have been known to go right through plate armor. The dragon known as Stormwing lives in this region. She takes advantage of the shards here and can whip them into a frenzy with her wings.


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