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The Broadlands


The Broadlands are a vast grasslands area home to the Mytharians - a primitive human culture. These fearsome nomadic hunter/gatherers  fight from horseback with curved blades and short bows. Dozens of mytharian tribes wage war against each other and against the encroaching Padashani.

The Broadlands have only average soil and poor mineral resources. The region is of little value. The Padashan Empire is interested in it only for its strategic location. It is the gateway to the Wind Plains and Secambru beyond. The military forces of the Padashan Empire have spent the last 20 years battling the mytharian tribes in this region and these tribes here have been beaten back. The area is now partially under Padashan control. The mytharians here continue to fight. The Padashani, however, are attempting to push into the Wind Plains and battle the mytharian tribes there as well.

The Broadlands are home to several types of roaming herds of herbivores, fast predators and three species of giant, flightless birds. A dragon named Allarixar also lives in the south end of the Broadlands.

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