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The Broadlands


The Broadlands are a vast grasslands area ringed by hills on either side. The Broadlands have only average soil and poor mineral resources. The region is home to several tiny kingdoms that are bound by common race and culture. The people of these small kindgoms are collectively known as the juenta.

The Padashan Empire has been trading with the juenta kingdoms for centuries. However, it has also spent the last century carefully absorbing and dismantling the juenta kingdoms individually, without provoking a united rebellion. Several juenta kingdoms have been already been taken over and integrated into the great Padashan Empire, shifting the imperial borders to the south. There are only five juenta kingdoms remaining. In another hundred years, there will be nothing left of these tiny kingdoms and the juenta will be just another race in the imperial melting pot.

The Padashan Empire is interested in the Broadlands only for its strategic location. It is the gateway to the Wind Plains, the Mytharians and Secambru beyond. The long term plans of the Empire can only be guessed at. But seeing as how the mytharians are fierce fighters and a single Secambru giant is an engine of destruction by himself, it is likely the Empire plans to conquer and use those two races in some military capacity.

Besides the juenta, the Broadlands are home to several types of roaming herds of herbivores, fast predators and various species of giant, flightless birds. A dragon named Allarixar also lives in the tallest hill of the western branch of the Fekwar Hills, overlooking the Broadlands. Allarixar hunts the roaming herds and generally leaves the juenta alone.


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