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The Planet


Atmosphere   Khoras is blanketed in a thick atmosphere of air which is composed mostly of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. The atmosphere of Khoras is rich in oxygen and thick allowing much heavier animals to fly such as dragons. Larger insectoid life, which breath through their skin, have also been able to develop due to Khoras’ dense atmosphere.


Hydrosphere   The world of Khoras is covered in vast oceans that cover most of its surface. These oceans are deep and home to a vast collection of aquatic life. Sheer distances, terrible sea storms and certain aggressive marine animals have limited intercontinental travel.


Lithosphere   The crust of the planet is thicker and is laced with many caves and underground lakes forming a whole "underworld".   The lithosphere of Khoras is divided up into four parts. The inner core, the outer core, the mantle and the crust. The inner core is iron and nickel solid core. It floats in the semi-solid iron/nickel medium which makes up the outer core. The mantle is solid and composed of a mix of elements and minerals, mostly iron and nickel. The outermost layer is the crust. The crust of Khoras averages 45 kilometers  thick but beneath some mountain ranges it may be as much as 100 kilometers thick. This suggests that Khoras is an older world than earth. It may also be a direct effect from the great gravitational chaos that followed the Sundering.


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