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Gripper Moss

True Name Shardume
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d4
Locale Temperate to subpolar wetlands
Form Moss

Physical Description

Gripper moss appears as a thick, dense, dark green moss. Close inspection will reveal that it consists of thousands of tiny hooks. Gripper moss feeds by capturing and digesting insects. Insects land on the moss and become entangled in the hooks. Once an insect is captured, the moss will excrete digestive fluids which dissolves the prey. The nutrient rich fluids then soak back into the moss where it is consumed. Gripper moss is harmless to humanoids and animals.

Physical Properties

Gripper moss can be boiled and distilled to produce a very mild organic acid.

Magical Properties



Gripper moss is named so because of the way it "grips" at clothing and fur whenever a person or animal brushes up against it. Gripper moss is common in tropical jungles and forests where insect life is abundant.


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