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Barulda's Shadow

True Name Vargec
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Mountains
Form Lichen

Physical Description

This lichen appears identical to Azure Blessing (a dark blue, soft moist lichen growing in patches about 2 inches thick).

Physical Properties

Barulda’s Shadow is named so for the wicked deceit it seems to play on those who think it is Azure Blessing. Barulda’s Shadow is extremely poisonous. It is so toxic, in fact, that a single bite will render even the mightiest warrior weak and helpless. The poison spreads quickly through the organism affecting the nervous system. The victim enters a comatose state for several days experiencing nightmares. When the victim finally recovers, he or she will be weakened from the ordeal. The coma usually lasts from one to six days, but the loss of health is permanent.

Magical Properties



Legends state that whenever Barulda stalks the lands, Azure Blessing is corrupted whenever his shadow passes over it.

Tolerance: Tolerance to this can be built up, but takes several months of exposure every few days.


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