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True Name Myrexil
Frequency Very Rare
Quantity n/a
Locale Swamp/Marsh
Form Tree

Physical Description

This tree is actually three separate trees that always grow together. The first is known as Myrexil Torg (among alchemists and herbalists). It is a large, thick tree with twisted limbs and smooth grey bark which is very hard. Myrexil Torg wood is also very heavy. The second tree is known as Myrexil Zhon and is a tall thin tree with blue-green leaves and dark grey bark which is rough to the touch. The third tree is Myrexil Drek, a short squat tree with a bloated trunk and swollen limbs. Its leaves are large and various shades of green. Its bark is dark brown and covered with small knobs and growths. Some consider this the ugliest of all trees while others think it looks comical or mischievous.

There are a handful of scholars who are aware of the true nature of the tree : the roots of the three trees do not splay outward as is the case with other trees. Rather , the tendrils all stretch toward the center of the triangle formed by the three trees. Where the roots meet, they intertwine and wrap about a large black husk (about 18 inches in diameter). This husk has a black leathery shell. Inside is a core of inky black liquid.

Physical Properties

The wood of the Myrexil Torg tree is one of the best types of wood for fires. It lights easily and burns for a very long time. This is most likely due to its density.

Also, the liquid found in the central husk does not burn. Anything soaked in this liquid will also fail to ignite.

Magical Properties

It is known to some herbalists and spellcasters that spells of all types are cursed to go awry when a misenchanter is near. Some spellcasters who have had their spells disrupted in the murky depths of a swamp due to a misenchanter are loath to enter a swamp ever again on the chance that a misenchanter might be there. The closer a spell is cast to a misenchanter, the worse the outcome. The misenchanter is able to effect spells as far away as league. This maximum range varies greatly depending upon the age and health of the tree. Each tree warps a specific aspect of magic. Myrexil Torg warps the physical aspect. This includes healing, transformations, summoning and any other type of spell which manipulates matter or energy in any way. The second tree, Myrexil Zhon, warps the mental aspect of magic, including all mind-affecting spells, charms, phantasms, etc. Myrexil Drek affects the spiritual aspect of magic, including death spells, resurrection, extraplanar travel and the like. The inky black liquid of the core affects all aspects of magic and works even more potently than the trees themselves.


Because of the unique physical makeup of this tree, herbalists and sages have argued for years as to whether the Myrexil is a tree with three separate superterranean parts or three separate trees that live in symbiosis.

There are many scholars who firmly believe that this tree did not evolve naturally. Because of its unusual physical arrangement and unique magical properties, there is a strong belief that this was some form of magical weapon devised during the Great War, possibly an unfinished weapon or an arcane experiment that got released into the wild. In any case, this unusual tree is exceedingly rare.


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