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True Name Nevrosk
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity n/a
Locale Jungle, Tropical Forest
Form Vine

Physical Description

Tuskweed is a thick, black vine with dark green curled leaves and long, blade length spines that pierce it's barky skin at odd angles. Tuskweed tends to grow in long, twisted lengths that creep over trees and stones curving back on themselves in tangled knots.

Physical Properties

It is very difficult to sever the corded fibers of the tuskweed. Each of the spikes has a razor sharp edge and pointed tip. Tuskweed grows very rapidly as long as there is sufficient sunlight, water and room. Tuskweed is very fire resistant.

Magical Properties

Although tuskweed may have originally been created using dark magic, it has no magical properties and, if scanned for essence, only normal life energy will be detected.


Tuskweed was created late in the Great War as a form of living barrier. Under the right circumstances, tuskweed can be grown so thick and tangled that it is impossible to penetrate. Tuskweed is sometimes known as Fangvine.


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