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Sabre Bush

True Name Sakri
Frequency Rare
Quantity n/a
Locale Any tropical and subtropical forest
Form Vine

Physical Description

Sabre bush appears as a thick cluster of twisted and knotted vines from which sprout long, curved blade-like thorns. This tangled mess has dark brown bark which peels off in shreds. The blade-like thorns are smooth and bright green.

Physical Properties

Grows very thick, is difficult to cut and is does not burn easily. The thorns of sabre bush are hard and can be sharpened and used as weapons. The natives of the Fire Isles fashion armor and spiked weapons from sabre bush.

Magical Properties



Possibly developed as a bio weapon, but who knows. Used as an organic fence by some nations. Grows wild in some wilderness regions. Some animals will gather it and block their lair openings with it.


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