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Rain Gem

True Name Xelnoir
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d6
Locale Jungle/Rain Forest
Form Flower

Physical Description

The rain gem is considered intoxicatingly beautiful by most civilized races. This large flower is bright pink and consists of dozens of tear drop shaped ruffled petals arranged in an overlapping spiral formation. Each petal has a vibrant blue slash of color at its heart. The rain gem is about eight inches in diameter.

Physical Properties

The pollen of this flower is a strong hallucinogen. In addition to hallucinations, the victim will suffer muscular cramps which will wrack the entire body.

The pollen can be extracted and concentrated into a pink gas by a long, expensive and complex alchemical procedure. The gas, if inhaled, places the victim into a euphoric and catatonic state while all of the victim’s muscles will be rigid with paralysis.

Magical Properties



The rain gem gets its name from its affinity for storms. The flower often is only half open and its color seems muted. However, after a storm or period of rain, the flower opens fully and its colors are exceptionally bright. The pollen is also more potent after a storm.

Tolerance: Takes 12 months of weekly exposure to achieve complete tolerance to this drug.


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