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True Name Pujara
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d8
Locale Tropical rainforest
Form Root

Physical Description

The pujara is a small plant that grows in clusters. Bright orange petals sprout from dark green stems and leaves. A large bulb at the heart of the plant lies just beneath the surface of the soil. The roots sprout from beneath this bulbous central mass. The core of the bulb has a dark brown husk and a white pulpy interior, which if mashed up and dried slowly, results in a bright orange powder.

Physical Properties

Pujaran fire spice is a bright orange powder with an intense, almost painfully hot, flavor. Very small quantities will spice up any dish. In large quantities, it can deaden nerve sensation and cause a lethargic stunned state. If poured into an open wound, it causes excruciating pain. 

Magical Properties



This is the hottest spice known to the civilized races. It grows in tropical regions around the world, but most especially in western Qeshir and the Fire Isles.


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