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Meal Nut

True Name Urtos
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d10
Locale Jungle/Rain Forest
Form Tree

Physical Description

This tall tree has scaled bark and curvy brown leaves. The tree bears many small black nuts that grow in clusters all about the tree. These nuts, known as meal nuts or urtos nuts, have a hard black shell and soft yellow meat inside.

Physical Properties

If a meal nut is cracked open (a difficult proposition) and the meaty interior is eaten, it provides the organism with one full day’s nutrition. The nut accomplishes this through a combination of the following : extremely high levels of nutrients, chemical reaction with stomach acids, expansion in volume of the tissue and high caloric density. This nut is poisonous to grum causing effects from nervousness to partial paralysis to death.

This nut cannot substitute a diet. The nut can ward off starvation and malnutrition for short periods of time, but if this nut is eaten day after day with no other food, physical problems will develop including weakness, nausea, dehydration and more.

Magical Properties





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