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Jungle Pipe

True Name Lequerin
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1
Locale Jungle/Rain Forest
Form Flower

Physical Description

This odd flower is shaped like a long cone stuck in the ground with a green and white flower sticking out the top. The cone is light brown with a banded colored. The flower consists of a soft cluster of many thin white "hairs" surrounded by four large green leaves.

Physical Properties

Within the cone section is a liquid which is extremely toxic. This poison affects most animals. The liquid is contact poison and so can affect an animal by contact with any exposed flesh or body orifice. The poison kills very slowly and the process is excruciatingly painful since it works on the nervous system.

Magical Properties



Tolerance: It's possible to build up a tolerance to jungle pipe, but it's very dangerous and takes 1-3 years. It has to be taken in extremely small doses, once per week. With each treatment, the user falls sick for a full day. These bouts of illness become less severe the more tolerance is achieved.


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