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Death Blossom

True Name Drextar
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Jungle/Rain Forest
Form Flower

Physical Description

The Death Blossom is a large flower, about 12" diameter, which resembles a broad, squat rose. It’s petals vary in color : purple in the center growing gradually darker toward the outer petals. The outermost petals are almost black.

Physical Properties

The scent of this rare flower is poisonous to most life forms. The effect of the poison varies depending on the type of creature, individual fortitude, the amount of exposure and other factors. The effect may be as mild as sickness and headaches or may result in death. The inner leaves of the flower may be dried and ground up into a black powder. The intensity of the poison varies with which leaves are used.

Magical Properties



Tolerance: It is possible to build up a tolerance to the Death Blossom powder, but it requires many months or years. It must be administered in very small doses weekly. For each month of treatment, a 5-10% immunity is built up. This is cumulative. After 10-20 months, the victim is completely immune.


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