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True Name Chonta
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1d4
Locale Found only on the Fire Isles
Form Mushroom

Physical Description

The chonta mushroom appears as a tall, thin fleshy mushroom with a yellow stem and reddish pink cap. It stands about 6 inches tall.

Physical Properties

Chonta is a very powerful hallucinogenic mushroom. It grows on the Fire Isles in large quantities. If eaten, it causes severe hallucinations, incoherency, babbling non-sense, violent reactions, a sort of madness. A person under the influence must often be restrained. It sometimes causes violent reactions with bodily convulsions and foaming at the mouth. About 1 in 10 chance that the drug will kill the person.

Magical Properties



One tribe uses this potent mushroom in its religious ceremonies. When in the drug-induced frenzy, they believe their god talks to them through visions. In order to be accepted in to the tribe, you must seek permission from their god. (i.e. take the drug). If you survive, the god is pleased..


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