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True Name Mallosh
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d4
Locale Temperate to tropical grasslands
Form Grass

Physical Description

Mallosh is a dark green grass that grows in tightly packed clusters in warm grassland regions. .

Physical Properties

Mallosh is a potent plant that can be dried and smoked. Physiological effects of smoking mallosh include distorted perception, memory loss, incoherency, impaired balance, difficulty in thinking, slurred speech and a strong euphoric sense accompanied by mild hallucinations. Mallosh smokers tend to sit in a half-asleep dreamlike state for hours on end. Mallosh is highly addictive.

Magical Properties



Mallosh grows naturally in the tropical belt and can be found in all three continents. It tends to grow in remote topical regions. It is common in the Aswanar wildlands, the Fire Isles, the Pirate Isles, Karth and the Darijun Jungles. It is quite popular in Sarid and Vaul.


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