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Karenia's Brew

True Name Narthelus
Frequency Rare
Quantity 1
Locale Deciduous Forest
Form Fungi

Physical Description

This black mushroom has a black glossy cap. It is similar to the Black Mushroom, but can be differentiated by it's smaller size (Karenia's brew stands only about 6" tall) and a ring of dark purple around the edges of the cap. The ruffled gills underneath and the stem are also this same dark purple color.

Physical Properties

The dark purple meat of this mushroom contains an organic psychoactive compound that is highly toxic in large doses. It has a number of uses depending on dosage. If diluted to very low concentrations, the psychoactive properties make it an effective drug that creates euphoria, torper and insensibility. This drug appears as a pink liquid that is consumed in small quantities and is often called "Karenia's Brew". It is highly addictive and widely used by worshipers of the church of Karenia.

In slightly higher concentrations, this brew appears as a thicker, purple liquid and is an effective cure for the shadow curse. It will cause the victim (at any stage of the shadow curse) to enter a coma-like state for approximately one day. This state is marked by very low heart rate and respiration and could be mistaken for death. After approximately 24 hours, the patient will awaken and be cured from the shadow curse. However, this treatment is very dangerous and, if not administered in the correct dose, can actually kill the patient.

The raw meat of the mushroom (or the processed powder form) is an ingestive poison and must be consumed in order to kill an animal. It can be used to create a paste, tea, powder or it can be used as is. At full concentration, Karenia's Brew kills very quickly (typically a few minutes) and is almost always fatal. Only the strongest of creatures can survive it.

Magical Properties



There are strong ties between this poisonous fungus and the cult of Karenia. The mushroom is one of the symbols of that religion and is used extensively by Karenia’s priests.

Tolerance: It's possible to build up a tolerance to Karenia's Brew, but it takes many years. Karenia's Brew must be consumed weekly in very small doses. This typically means that addicts will eventually build up a tolerance.



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