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Hunter's Herb

True Name Fraulmek
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d8
Locale Coniferous Forest
Form Herb

Physical Description

This herb appears as a small cluster of pale green orbs and many long thin blade shaped leaves sprouting from amongst the orbs. It grows close to the ground. The leaves are emerald green.

Physical Properties

The inner meat of the orbs is a rich amber color. If this pasty meat is boiled in water, it will dissolve and turn the water into a thick amber fluid. This fluid, known among herbalists as fraul, is an excellent embalming agent. A severed body part, or whole body, whether animal or vegetable, can be immersed in fraul to embalm it. The tissues will absorb the fluid which will crystallize within the cells. The tissue of the animal or vegetation will become stiff and will be perfectly preserved. If fraul or the pasty amber meat of the orbs is eaten, an animal will become sick with severe headaches for 1 to 12 hours.

Magical Properties



Fraul is a prized liquid and has many uses: Mages sometimes preserve body parts with this fluid to create magic items of the body parts. Mages have also been known to immerse whole corpses into fraul to perfectly preserve them before infusing the corpses with spiritual energy and turning them into servants or sentries. This process protects the newly formed creature from decay. If new leather (leather obtained from the skin of a freshly killed animal) is soaked in fraul before it is cured, it will cure with amazing strength and hardness. This process must be done by someone with herbalism and armorer skills. The most common usage for fraul is preserving trophies for hunters. Whole animals can be preserved in life like poses. More often, just the head is preserved and mounted. Fraul preservation is indefinite unless subjected to extreme heat.


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