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Black Root

True Name Sragloth
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d20
Locale Tropical to Temperate Forests
Form Herb

Physical Description

Black root is a common herb which appears as a short plant with long sharply pointed blue leaves. The stems and roots of the plant are glossy and black.

Physical Properties

Black root is a versatile plant. It can be chewed, smoked and eaten straight. It can also be fermented and brewed in alcohol to make a very dark, strongly flavored tincture known as Blackroot Ale or Blackbeer. Blackbeer is a common cheap beverage in many lands. It can also be brewed in water to make blackroot tea. It has a strong flavor which is both oily and smoky. In any form, black root is a depressant and causes a mild euphoric sensation. It is also mildly addictive. 

Magical Properties



This widespread herb can be found in many of the warmer regions on all three continents. It is a common and cheap alternate to tobacco and is smoked or chewed by many commoners. It is, however, considered by many to be a foul habit and somewhat lower class.


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