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Scribe's Tree

True Name Waifost
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 20-200
Locale Arid scrublands and desert of Qeshir
Form Tree

Physical Description

The scribe's tree is a short, stout desert tree. It can be found in scrublands and badlands of Qeshir, especially in the north. It can be found in the borderlands of the Great Ahtabi Desert. It has a streaked brown/tan bark, and long flexible branches which end in small clusters of brown, curled leaves.

Physical Properties

The bark of this tree peels off in smooth strips which can be dried and used as an excellent form of paper. It requires very little preparation. The strips are wetted, flattened, stretched on frames and left to dry slowly. The result is a smooth, strong flexible sheet which takes ink readily. A single tree can produce several hundred sheets. This is one reason why the Padashan Empire has abundant written records. Because this abundant tree provides large quantities of paper. Most literature in Padashan Empire is put on this type of "paper".

Magical Properties



Whole orchards of these trees are grown in the towns and cities of Padashan to supply the literate nobles with writing paper.


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