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True Name Calanthas
Frequency Common
Quantity 1d10
Locale Desert and arid rocky mountain regions
Form Shrub

Physical Description

Fireweed is a small plant with greyish green stalks and large, soft orange leaves. It is quite common in the southlands of Ithria and grows in many arid, rocky regions there.

Physical Properties

The leaves of this plant can be dried to produce a sweet, spongy tobacco. A small pouch of fireweed, enough for one smoke, can be purchased for as little as a copper piece in most cities. It has a very sweet, spicy scent and flavor. Raw fireweed can be chewed. It is a mild sedative. It can be concentrated, through an alchemical process, to produce a mild sleep potion.

Magical Properties



The grum use fireweed in some of their cooking.


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