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True Name Piersule
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1d100
Locale Desert, wasterlands
Form Vine

Physical Description

This plant grows in the form of a thick cluster of knotty vines. Each vine grows twisted and iron hard. The surface of the vine bares dozens of large red-tipped thorns. Small curly yellow leaves decorate the vines between thorns.

Physical Properties

The thorns of the firethorn vine are poisoned. A single prick of the skin will cause the flesh to erupt in a nasty sore. The affected limb will become bloated, red and inflamed. The wound will ooze pus and the victim will be overcome with wracking pain, fever, weakness and delirium. This affect can last up to a day.

Magical Properties



The baenites and some humanoid races, most notably the orcs, have been known to use carefully cultivated firethorn vines as a form of fence or natural barrier. It can be made to grow along fences, up walls and block of passages. Firethorn is difficult to bypass. It is difficult to cut and does not burn easily.

Firethorn gets its name from the burning sensation that the poison causes. Also, the small curly yellow leaves flicker in the wind and look a bit like flames.


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