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Desert Sponge

True Name Rookash
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 1-5 roots yielding a pint each
Locale Desert
Form Root

Physical Description

This desert sponge, sometimes called the Water Root, appears as a scraggly black and green twisted bush. This ugly mass of branches bears no fruit or flowers and is often covered in light coating of sand. It grows from rocky cracks in the deep desert. It is only found in Qeshir.

Physical Properties

While the bush itself has no value, it's root are quite remarkable. Made of a spongy material, these roots retain an enormous amount of water. If dug up, cut open and squeezed, almost a pint of water can be extracted from each root. A single plant may have as many as five of these long, orange soft-tissued roots.

Magical Properties



Deep desert rangers and scouts often dig up these roots as an alternate source of water when they can find it. On more than one occassion, this root has saved the lives of people lost in the desert.


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