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Atashi Tree

True Name Atashi
Frequency Uncommon
Quantity 10-100
Locale Arid scrublands and desert of Qeshir
Form Tree

Physical Description

The atashi is an aromatic and beautiful tree. The whole tree blossoms in brilliant fiery pink flowers. The flowers have a very strong, sweet scent. The atashi grows wild in some regions and there are some scouts and guides that can find an atashi tree by the smell which is carried on the wind for many kilometers through the wilderness.

Physical Properties

The padashan make a perfrum and an exotic bath oil from these flowers.

Magical Properties



All three - the flowers, the perfume and the oil - are traded and exported. Atashi perfume and oil are highly prized in Vogue, Rukemia, Drakkel, Anquar, Aukaria and Chaddamar.  There are some wealthy nobles in the Padashan Empire that have whole orchards of this flowering tree. The ground is covered in soft pink petals during the fall and the air is thick with the sweet scent of the Atashi flower.

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