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Other Names Slime Horror, Tentacle Horror
Climate/Terrain Swamp or Underground
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

The telaxoid appears as a semi-transculent amorphous creature with multiple tentacles on its top side. It is primarily green and glistens wetly. It is quite large. The average specimen is three meters across and 1000 kilograms. It slithers about, flowing smoothly over any terrain and even up sheer vertical walls. It can travel at the speed of a running man. The creature has no visible eyes or other sensory organs.


In combat, a telaxoid will lash out with its six tentacles striking and grappling as necessary. A seventh tentacles is larger than the others and ends in a cone shaped structure which can spray out a sticky, green, acidic slime. Telaxoids are very dangerous creatures and remarkably tough. Cutting and stabbing weapons do no harm the body at all and the tentacles are difficult to hit because they are so fast.

Telaxoids are aggressive and will relentlessly pursue a potential meal. They do not need to breathe and will not be stopped by a river or moat. They can stay submerged in water for hours. They will often wait, concealed underwater in swamps, to surprise prey.

The texaloid seems to be able to see in all directions at once and is extremely difficult to surprise. Furthermore, it seems to have a good sense of smell and can also sense the tiniest vibrations in the ground. Because of this, it can fight invisible opponents with no penalty.

Telaxoids are totally unaffected by all mind affecting magic. They are resistent to fire, cold and sonic attacks, but vulnerable to electrical attacks.


Telaxoids are rare solitary creatures. They are usually encountered in swamp and wetlands or underground.


The telaxoid feeds on anything organic: people, corpses, carrion, garbage, wood, even leather. While it can survive on anything organic, it seems to prefer meat. It will pursue live prey over other food sources. When it kills a victim, it will flow over the victim, absorb the victim into its body and digest the victim over several hours. Inedible parts, such as metal, will be eventually be expelled.

No studies have been conducted on the telaxoid and very little is known about the creature's life cycle. Telaxoid slime is an alchemical component in some powerful potions.


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