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Other Names Necrowol
Climate/Terrain Any
Frequency Very Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet None

Physical Description

The zombie appears to be an ashened skin humanoid with vacant stare and white, pupilless eyes. Height and weight will vary depending on the original race of the creature that formed the zombie. Zombies have been formed by humans, orcs, elves, dwarves and more. The skin of the creature is a pale, ashen blue and shriveled. The face appears gaunt, lips shriveled and fingernails appear as dirty claws.


In combat, the creature strikes with its claws. It is a slow moving beast, but very tough. The creature has no circulatory system and so does not bleed. Because of this it suffers little from bladed attacks. In addition, a zombie feels no pain. It's muscles are corded and seem to be always taut and iron hard. Rotted Ones are highly spell resistent and are virtually immune to spells which directly affect the body or mind.


Zombies can be found anywhere - in any terrain or climate. There are usually encountered at night, in ruins, graveyards, wilderness, etc. The creatures avoid civilization and so will never be encountered in a city.


It is widely believed that the first zombies were formed as a horrible side effect of the World Storm. A zombie is the living husk of a humanoid from which all essence or life energy has been drained. The mind and soul vanish, but the body lives on. Spellcasters have studied the odd specimen when available, but still, the formation of such a creature is rare and imperfectly understand. Some have been created when a sorcery that affects the soul goes awry. Some necromancers have devised a method to drain  the life essence from a person... effectively creating a zombie. The necromancer is then able to control the zombie through magic. Only intelligent language using humanoids can potentially form a zombie, although this is not known why.

The Rotted Ones

There is a variation of the zombie often called the "Rotted Ones", the "Walking Plague" and Azersun's Children. They were, as the last name implies, the creation of a necromancer named Azersun, a brilliant mage who suffered from chronic headaches and terrible wasting disease. These abominations are much like zombies, but their rotted flesh is clearly diseased. Rotted Ones are very dangerous because merely touching them will infect the victim. They can also vomit forth diseased blood at targets ten feet away which will also transmit the infection. Once infected the victim will suffer headaches, nausea, wracking pain and spasms. The infection spreads quickly and within an hour the skin will erupt in lesions and discolorations. The eyes will become milky white and the hair will begin to fall out. In less than a day, the victim will begin to transform into a rotted one. Certain curative herbs and minor spells can slow or halt the transformation, but fairly strong magic is required to cure the person. If the transformation is allowed to complete, only the very strongest magic would be able to revert the person to normal.


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