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Other Names None
Climate/Terrain Temperate to subtropical hills/forest
Frequency Common
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Herbivore


Physical Description

The ekril appears as a blend of lizard and bird. It is generally bird shaped, but its hide is a mix of scales and feathers that balance each other, dividing the body into sections. It has a three foot wingspan and long, splayed tail of colorful feathers. It's saurian head is crowned by two small horns. The lizard snout ends in a strong bird-like beak.


Ekril only fight when cornered. They will peck at the eyes of their opponent if possible. However, usually they flee.


Ekril inhabit lightly forested hills and sparse forest. They prefer warmer climates and can be found from Talis to the Sentinel Mountains. 


Scholars believe it to be a natural beast, perhaps some sort of evolutionary offshoot. Ekril meat is quite tasty and eaten by many races as are the large blue greyish eggs.


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