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Tree Leech

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Swamp and forest
Frequency Rare
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

A 2 foot long swamp leech that attaches to certain species of trees and feeds on the sap. These things have colorful feathers-like tissues that fold back along the body. When threatened, these leeches extend these feathery fins and hiss a warning and shake their feathers to warn away predators. Hidden among the feathers are small thorn-like projections piercing the skin. These are usually only visible when the feathers are extended.



These leeches are dangerous. The thorn like projections are actually stingers. They are sharp and poisonous. Being stung by one will make you very sick for days.


Tree leeches crawl up the trunks of trees, chew through the bark and fasten themselves so that they can feed off of the sap and nutrients from the tree.


Tree leeches feed on the sap and nutrients found in swamp trees. They will also feed on burrowing insects. At the same time, they help the trees fight infection. It is a symbiotic relationship.


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