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Shidaran Fleshworm

Other Names Flesh bandage, Living bandage
Climate/Terrain Wetlands in the Desolation of Shidar
Frequency Rare
Organization Individual
Activity Cycle


Diet Special

Physical Description

A flat, boneless creature that looks like an amorphous blob, composed of dark red fleshy meat.


No combat ability. Usually flees by swimming away through wetlands rapidly.


Inhabitants swamps and marshes in eastern Aggradar. Very common in the Desolation area. 


An Aggradaran fleshworm adheres to flesh and feeds on blood. In so doing, it also filters out impurities, toxins, disease and other contaminants. The Omarin use these as living bandages on major wounds. The creature stops the bleeding of a wound, cleans the wound and eases pain by releasing painkillers into the blood stream.


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