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Ice Scrabbler

Other Names -
Climate/Terrain Arctic Ice Fields and Mountains
Frequency Rare
Organization Group
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

This strange creature is vaguely canine, but instead of fur, it is covered in a smooth carapace of hard shell. This carapace consists of different pieces that fit together like an armoured skin. The creature has a large beak and no teeth. It has small beady eyes that glow with an eerie blue light. The creature's tail is segmented and whip like. The creature has a single, large hooked claw on each foot. The creature has blue blood and is completely immune to cold, but greatly fears fire.


Ice scrabblers hunt in small packs of 4-8 adults. The claws which are so good are ripping through ice are equally effective at cutting through metal armor and ripping through flesh and bone. The beak can also deliver a bone snapping bite. These creatures are sure-footed on ice and rocky slopes. They get their name from the habit of scrabbling over icy rocks at full speed. Indeed, ice scrabblers can crawl up sheer cliffs of ice covered rock with ease.


Ice scrabblers are found only in the distant north. They live and hunt in frozen snow fields, glaciers and icy mountain wastes.


Ice scrabbler blood is useful in the creation of several types of cold-related magic items.


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