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Wailing Fish

Other Names Bellowfish
Climate/Terrain Shallow Ocean
Frequency Uncommon
Organization Solitary
Activity Cycle


Diet Carnivore

Physical Description

The wailing fish is an enormous, broad bellied fish with a thick grey skin bespeckled in dark grey. The fins of this fish are short, thick and meaty.


The wailing fish has an enormous organ in the chest which stores and funnels air. This organ is connecting to a large larynx structure allowing the fish to vocalize a wide variety of sounds. The wailing fish uses this organ in hunting. It is able to unleash a tremendous, thunderous roar which stuns other fish, making them easy prey. This roar can also stun swimmers in the water and has been known to rattle the decks of ships.


The wailing fish can be found in shallow ocean waters along coastlines. It frequently finds its way up rivers and scares village children.




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