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Type of Organization

Criminal Organization

Type of Members

Thieves, Mercenaries, Thugs, Bandits, Fences
Number of Members 115
Demographics Human 60%, Dwarven 15%, Grum 10%, Orcish 10%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)



Year Founded 2704 CY
Symbol None
Group Wealth Poor
Group Stability Unstable

General Description

The Ravens are the second most powerful thieves guild in the city of Aerith. They originally began as a splinter faction that broke away from the Guild of Shadows in 704 CY (11 years ago) in an attempt to free themselves from the constricting rules of the Shadows. This group, one third the size of the Shadows, now operates as a collective of independent rogues - no rank, no titles and no laws. Each man has an equal say. Although they share information, training and supplies, each Raven is an independent thief and generally operates alone. It is rare to find two or more Ravens working together on a robbery (although not unhead of).

The Ravens have no formal meeting places or hidden chambers and tend to move about using the alleys, sewers and rooftops. They do, however, hold meetings at impromptu locations. The time and place of such meetings are spread by word of mouth and typically occur every few weeks. Dozens may attend. Such gatherings are informal where anyone may speak and brawls are common. Because Raven gatherings are infrequent, brief and random, the authorities have never been able to find them.

Although they formed by rebelling against the Guild of Shadows, they still maintain a number of customs from the old group. For instance, new members are not considered Ravens until they have passed a number of tests. Also, wisdom and training are often distilled down to easy-to-remember "rules" which are often quoted. The Ravens tend to be younger than the Guild of Shadows. Most are male and under 20 years of age. The majority are simple pickpockets, thugs, bandits and robbers. Only a few specialize in information or fencing stolen goods.

The Ravens are in direct conflict with the Shadows and there is much bad blood between the two groups. Usually this is just insults and petty fights, but on occasion there have been ambushes and thieves robbing thieves. Ravens have a belief that they pay for nothing. Every morsel of food, every sip of water, every stitch of clothing and every blade should be stolen. They owe no debt to anyone and the world owes them everything.

The Ravens lack the organization, wealth and history of the Shadows, but make up for it with bravado. They are typically combative, undisciplined and have a disdain for all authority figures. They have also earned a reputation of attempting difficult robberies, public assaults and daring escapes from the authorities. Ravens compete with each other to pull off the greatest heist, steal the most fabulous treasure or escape from the most guards. Such exploits gain a Raven a measure of respect in the guild.

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