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The Order of the Mind

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Member of Members 1,845
Demographics Vaullian 100%

Primary Location(s)



Master Ixket val Tenrathi, Vaullian
Year Founded 1985 CY
Symbol -
Group Wealth Above Average
Group Stability Stable

General Description

Some particularly gifted Vaullians have well developed psionic ability. For them, telepathy and other mental powers come as easily as breathing. Many of these individuals band together in a society known as the Order of the Mind.


Founded by Sodilut, a remarkably talented telepath in 1985 CY. Originally started as a private club, it has grown in members steadily and become a small, but important part of the tapestry of vaullian society over the last 800 years.

Goals and Motivation

Members of the Order are primarily interested in expanding and honing their telepathic ability. There are hundreds of specific specialties that members pursue. Others lobby for certain laws beneficial to telepaths. Some members travel to demonstrate mental abilities to other nations.

Allies and Enemies

The Order of the Mind is allied with the Empyrean Regime, the Vaullian government and various vaullian religious groups.


Membership is by invitation only. Only vaullians with exceptional telepathic ability are invited to apply for membership. Only about 1 in 100 vaullians is talented enough to join this exclusive group.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

Pecking order is arranged by non-lethal "mental" combat. Telepathic games which pit mind against mind. The strongest minds rule the group.


In this telepathic society, one guards one's thoughts the same way non-telepaths guard their tongues. Certain subjects are considered inappropriate conversation. While non-telepaths refrain from saying certain things in the name of etiquette, members of this Order refrain from thinking rude or inappropriate thoughts. It is a part of their highly evolved discipline. When a highly offendable telepath meets a non-telepath, he may very well be offended that anyone could think such things..


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