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The Empyrean Regime

"Wisdom begins with knowledge... knowledge is the distilment of experience."
Vaullian Proverb

Type of Organization


Type of Members

Philosophers, scholars, poets, writers
Member of Members 912
Demographics Vaullian 60%, Human 30%, Saridian 5%, Other 5%

Primary Location(s)

Ithell, Arkalia, Corvenia, Jannerus


Pajhor Takrin
Year Founded 1117 CY
Symbol None.
Group Wealth Wealthy
Group Stability Very Stable

General Description

The name of the Vaullian intellectual elite group. This is THE elite intellectucal group in Vaul. It is a guild of scholars, philosophers, mapmakers, scribes, historians and more. They are concerned with meditation, mental serenity and personal enlightenment.


Founded by a vaullian master named Grepoc. 

Goals and Motivation

This group is interested mainly in advancing their knowledge and art. They busy themselves with the obtaining, refining, cataloguing and dissemination of all knowledge in the world. 

Allies and Enemies

The Empyrean Regime is allied with many other intellectual and scholarly groups including the Heraldic Order of the Aukarian Republic, the Church of the Chaddamar and dozens of small academic groups in Sarid.

Some strain exists between the Empyrean Regime and the Church of the Chaddamar. The priestesses of Chaddamar cling to religious doctrine fiercely and anything that deviates from their core beliefs is seen as heresy. In general, the pursuit of truth can sometimes shed a harsh light on religious belief and it is to be expected that these two disparate organizations would conflict from time to time. However, this general strain was greatly increased when an adept named Vanzendin attempted to research the ruins of Shidar. Vanzendin was captured while attempting to get past Garreon's Wall. He was convicted of heresy in a Chaddamar court and put to death.


All members wear a specific ring that identifies them as members of this elite order. The central gem of the ring identifies their particular rank. Each member is expected to pursue an area of special interest. By focusing on a specialty, a member can truly master it and be a useful resource to other members. Every member is expected to make their research available to other members if requested. Therefore, no matter what an Empyrean Regime member needs, it's likely that at least ONE member in the group has studied it thoroughly. The members of this group study everything from gemology to mapmaking, language to mathematics, philosophy to religion.

In addition, each member is expected to take on a life project. This project is simply an undertaking so grand that it will take their entire life to complete. They believe that having a long term project of this sort helps to focus the efforts of the scholar, give purpose to life and help maintain an objective view of the day to day passage of time. Some life projects that have been undertaken include - the mapping of the continent, the translation of a great work of literature, the solving of an unsolvable mathematical equation, the creation of a new magical code system.

Oaths and Codes


Rank Structure

The Empyrean Regime has a very formal rank structure based on the number of years of service. Upon achieving a certain rank, they are initiated into the mysteries of that rank and taught the skills and abilities of that rank. While there are many acolytes and journeymen, there are very few Thought Masters. Only the earliest members and oldest vaullians achieve that rank.

Gem Type indicates the type of gemstone in their ring.

Years indicates the minimum number of years of service in the Empyrean Regime needed to attain a certain rank.

Rank Gem Type Years Abilities
Initiate Granite 0 None
Apprentice Ebony 1 Detect Lie
Acolyte Topaz 5 Detect Mental Activity
Journeyman Diamond 10 Detect Surface Thoughts
Adept Emerald 20 Telepathy
Master Ruby 50 Empathy
Thought Master Sapphire 100 Mind Control




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